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COVID-19 update

In these days we are going through the most important of all is our health, so we would like to inform you about COVID-19.

- Our accommodation is located in a picturesque village about 20 minutes from the town of Kissamos. Just 15 minutes away is the famous beach of Elafonissi, where there are also many other small and secluded beaches to enjoy your swim !!

- There are no other tourist accommodations within 500 meters, and the permanent residents of the village are very few.

- It is not inhabited by anyone during the winter, nor by its owners.

- Proper disinfection and thorough cleaning of surfaces and bedding has been done.

- Upon your arrival you will be greeted only by one person who will keep the necessary distances and will be at your disposal if you need anything by phone or in person.

For your best service and to explore Western Crete, I would suggest you to have some means of transport as there is no transport in our village.

Moni Chrysoskalitissas

(Near Elafonisi)

A good choice is to visit the monastery of Chrysoskalitissa. Learn its history by asking the monks and tour the place.

Best Beaches

Best Beaches

Horio House is located in Limni village, a small and quiet village of Western Crete, ideal for those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is only 20′ from the heavenly Elafonisi, 40′ from the beautiful village of Paleochora and about 1 hour from Ancient Falassarna with the enchanting beach.
One of the best beaches in Greece is just 15′ from the house. Elafonisi beach, an amazing beach with pink sand and shallow, crystal clear water, will be for sure one of the “must-visit” destinations during your stay in Kissamos.
There are many other wonderful beaches in Kissamos, like Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa where you can go by boat with the daily cruises, Falassarna and Palaeochora beach.
Two less famous but equally beautiful beaches are Kedrodasos and Aspri Limni.

Aspri Limni

(White lake)

The locals go to the White Lake more because it is quieter. The car goes right to the beach. There you will see Cretan palm trees and a beach surrounded by rocks. This beach is not organized either.


In Kedrodasos you can go from Elafonisi walking for about 1 hour or follow the road until some point and then continue about 10 minutes on foot. There you will see the cedar forest and a beautiful sandy beach. Kerdodasos is not an organized beach, and also many people choose it for nudism.
Spots for dinner & coffee

Dinner & Coffee

There are a few spots for coffee and dinner in Limni village. You can find more in Elos village, which is only a few minutes away by car as well as in Vlatos village which is also about 10′ away by car.

There are many more villages in the around area of axceptional natural beauty and unique landscapes. If you prefer mountain landscapes you could explore the villages around the house. If you are a sea lover, you could visit Elafonisi, Falasarna and Palaeochora which are some of the best beaches of the area with many places to try traditional tastes, coffees and drinks with wonderful sea view. Also, don’t miss Kissamos town, a next to the sea town with many choices for coffee, lunch and drinks. 

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